E-Business Task 1

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Truck Max

E-Business Marketing Plan

Serena S. Joyner
MBA- IT Management
E-Business QRT2 Task 1
November 1, 2012
E-business is relativity new and refers how companies do business on the internet. PC Magazine defines Electronic Business as “Doing Business online. The term is often used synonymously with e-commerce but e-business is more of an umbrella term for having a presence on the Web.” (2012) In our ever changing world where a companies’ online presence is equally important as the sign on the front door, it only makes sense for a business to spend time and money on their online business.

A1. Viability of Product or Service

Truck Max is a family business that was established in 1989 by two brothers in Miami, Florida. Truck Max sells, rents and services a wide variety of Commercial Trucks. Truck Max began as a simple repair business for local tow truck drivers and expanded into the business it is today. Truck Max began to sell used trucks in 1996 once they had trucks that were repaired but the owners were unable to pay. By the year 2000, they began to carry the new lines of the most popular trucks and they are currently an authorized dealer for Isuzu Commercial Trucks, GMC Trucks, Hino Trucks, Mitsubishi Fuso and Volvo Trucks. Most recently they were added to the distribution network of Dynamic Towing and Equipment Manufacturing which will expand the inventory they carry and service. Dynamic Towing’s president Anthony Gentile said, “Truck Max has proven their success in commercial truck sales” “and with their three locations, Dynamic customers now have a variety of locations to purchase trucks as well as receive service…” (2012) Since their humble beginnings Truck Max as managed to successfully open and operate three (3) locations in the Miami area.

Truck Max has been successful in building and maintaining customer relationships through their 23 years of doing business however they know times have changed and they need to change in order to keep being successful. Marketing can take a good business and make it a great business. Truck Max must use online technology in order to move the business forward. The nature of the truck business is unique and does not follow all the same trends as many other businesses. For most online businesses the business will sell and ship their products directly to customers from the online store; however this is not always the case when it comes to large purchases such as trucks. Most truck buyers want to test drive or kick the tires before making such a large purchase.

Truck dealers must do things to separate themselves in order to get customers in the door. They must show the value of the product in an online environment. Truck Max has a great line of products to offer its customers and prospects. Bringing the business online will only make them more successful. It is essential for Truck Max to completely understand all the benefits of online marketing.

A2. Current Online Competitor

Competition is one of the driving forces behind why businesses do the things they do. Businesses must know and understand who the competition is and how they operate in order to compete for customers. When evaluating the competition it is important to understand the factors that need to be looked at in order to be sure you are comparing the same factors. In the commercial truck business you need to look closely at the following:

• The selection of inventory is a major factor. It is important to compare the same types of products and product availability.

• The amount of inventory available to the dealer is also important. If the competition has better options or the ability to get more inventory that will play a role in how they market and appeal to potential customers.

• The availability of repair services is another important factor. Often...
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