E-Business Model and Strategy : Groupon

Topics: Profit, Clone Wars, Revenue Pages: 3 (534 words) Published: April 30, 2011
13. Detailed bibliography
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14. Appendix
APPENDIX A: Example of the ROI and profits on the operations of Groupon Description What is the face value of the certificate? How much will someone spend to buy the certificate? What % of paid money will GroupOn get? What is your normal margin? If a $30 purchase costs you $10, you have a 200% margin ($30$10)/$10 Factor Offer Amount (O) Sell Amount (S) GroupOn's Cut (G) Value $20,00 $10,00 50,00%

Margin (M)

230,00% $20,00 68,00% 1.225

What is the average amount a customer spends on a purchase using the certificate? Certificate Average Ticket (A)...
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