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  • Published: January 6, 2004
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1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this report is to determine Asiatravelmart.com business model and how it works with their existing values to attract and retain their customers.

1.2 Scope

The report considers the combination of e-business model and focused on the strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threats of their business model and provided recommendation.

1.3 Method

In order to complete this report, accessing the website and interview has to be done for looking for more information about what types of values they provided and examine who and how the competitors works and find out the evidence to support the arguments.

1.4 Limitations

The limitations of this report are difficulty to find the relevant and suitable information to support their cost

1.5 Background Asiatravelmart.com is Asia's first and leading Travel Reservation System (TRS) which provides a unique platform and environment for travel buyers and sellers from around the world to trade over a secure Internet connection. It is a one-stop travel shop for hotels, tour packages, transfers, meals, car rentals, travel insurance, etc

2.0 Asiatravelmart.com's e-business model To succeed in this fast changing world and satisfy a wide range of customers in the market, a single type of business model might not be sufficient. Thus, Asiatravelmart.com is using a combination of several types of e-business model. These include e-brokerage, e-infomediary, e-community, e-advertising and e-affiliation. 2.1 E-Brokerage Asiatravelmart.com is a platform and environment for travel buyers and sellers to trade. Hotels, Airlines and rental cars' agents use Asiatravelmart to sale their service to customers. In the mean time, asiatravelmart.com also provides the service of online booking for customers. Asiatravelmart is not a travel agent, but also gather the buyers and sellers. It creates a marketplace for them to trade. It is a buy/sell fulfillment model where they buyers and sellers use the site for trade. 2.2 E-Infomediary To attract customers to purchase online, purely provide the service of booking for hotels, flights, and rental cars is insufficient. Thus, values are added by provide information or other benefits to encourage users to log into the websites. Asiatravelmart.com uses ATM TravelDollar, which is equivalent to 1 USD, and other travel information to exchange for customers profile.Travel information in Asiatravelmart.com websites is provided free. To sustain the loyalty of customers, ATM TravelDollar is used to increase the traffic of the website. To earn ATM TravelDollar, users are required to bring friends to register as users as well. By registration, users need to provide their profiles. These profiles will be sold to third party such as Credit Card Company. 2.3 E-Community Asiatravelmart.com provides a free community, Travel Board, where all users to meet like-minded people, exchange ideas and share travel experience without any charges. As other community, Travel Board in Asiatravelmart.com also has its own rules and terms for users who are interest in using this community for interaction. 2.4 E-advertising Asiatravelmart use a personalised portal for their advertising model. This portal tries to engender - regular patronage and ultimately loyalty, is being undermined by its own success. As more and more of these portals emerge, an increasing number of visitors find themselves utilizing the wide variety of options that exist in the market place. There are lists of hotels, airlines, rental cars could be found in the Asiatravelmart.com for customers to search. Their website focuses on customer satisfaction by providing information, convenience of booking online, check for availability. 2.5 E-affliation Asiatravelmart.com does not advertise to promote their website. They have a program which is called e-Partner program to create the awareness of the website. This program acts as affiliation to direct the traffic from other...
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