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  • Published : September 16, 2010
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EBZ 437 Electronic Business Tutorial 3
Activities: 1. Read the case study below (from Turban et al, 2008) before the tutorial. 2. Look at: a. Campus Food web site (campusfood.com) and Campusfood.com. campusfood.com (take care with time zone – some outlets will be closed after 8pm US time) b. eMediaWire. “Titan Poker Teams Up With Campusfood for Tournaments Aimed at College Students.” February 16, 2006. emediawire.com/releases/2006/2/emw346598.htm 3. Be prepared to discuss the questions at the end of the case study

Campusfood.com’s recipe for success was a simple one: Provide interactive menus to college students, using the power of the Internet to replace and/or facilitate the traditional telephone ordering of meals. Launched at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), the company takes thousands of orders each month for local restaurants, ringing pizzas, and other take away foods to the Penn community and to dozens of other universities. Founder Michael Saunders began developing the site campusfood.com) in 1997 while he was a junior at Penn. With the help of some classmates, Saunders launched the site in 1998. After graduation, he began building the company’s customer base. This involved expanding to other universities, attracting students, and generating a list of restaurants from which students could order food for delivery. Currently, some of these activities are outsourced to a marketing firm, enabling the addition of dozens of universities nationwide. In 2004, the company served 200 universities linked to over 1,000 restaurants. Financed through private investors, friends, and family members, the site was built on an investment of less than $1 million. (For comparison, another company with services also reaching the college-student market invested $100 million.) Campusfood.com’s revenue is generated through transaction fees—the site takes a 5 percent commission on each order from the sellers (the restaurants). When you...
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