E-Briefcase System

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Research Title:
E-Briefcase – Online Briefcase
Learning is an ongoing process. It is process that will never end and it never stops where ever you go. As we all know human being is a rational being that seek more knowledge and information that can be use for the future use that is why parents send their children to school for their education. During that stage of learning at school students/scholars have been taught by their instructors/ professors different topics. Students listen and take down notes for the future references. Learning can be evaluated by giving projects/ exercise to the students by their instructor. The foundations are being taught to students on the earlier years in college in which can be used in the later years where application can be made. The design of the curriculum is that the fundamentals are being taught to the beginning years of the students so that they may have foundation on more complex courses on the later years. In relation with this, student lost their notes and exercises and projects they have made on their specific subjects they have undergone in which their notes could be reviewed on the future subjects or can be used for references. We had conducted a research to solve this problem called the e-briefcase or also known “Online Briefcase”. The E-Briefcase is Web application. It is the collections of all information that was saved in their each account and compiles it in one briefcase by which it allows the students to access their files, their programs, their exercises, their activities that they have gathered over their lab activities they have accumulated in all years in school. Each student has their own briefcase where it holds the files and data of the students. But this e-briefcase will only begin to the students who had their laboratory subjects in college days. The creation of the e-briefcase system serves as the database of the student’s briefcase...
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