E-Books Should Not Replace Conventional Books

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E-books should replace conventional books

Books have been around for centuries. Technology has greatly impacted the society thus leading to inventions such as E-books. E-books should not replace conventional books mainly because, with books, there is never a need for upgrade in software unlike an E-book. Secondly conventional books are more user friendly for kids and older adults, and are cost effective. And finally if E-books were to replace conventional books this would mean the end of one of the world’s oldest institutions, libraries. Times are changing and Kindles appeal to the modern citizen, we don't want to carry around cumbersome books, we want to be able to read when we want, whatever we want. Not having to order and wait for a book, or go to a bookstore, is incredibly convenient and means particularly that children can get their books immediately, ensuring that when they feel like reading, parents can ensure that they are able to. But, what can compare to the smell of a paperback, or the feel an old book with browned pages? The kindle is as replaceable as any technology, a book you have on your kindle won’t be there ten years from now, because the kindle won’t be there, however, a tangible real book that you’ve treasured and kept safe since childhood will. Not to mention there is never a need for an upgrade in software or updates on a traditional book unlike an E-book. Secondly, books are without a shadow of a doubt cost effective and are more user friendly for children and older adults in that which it is much easier to operate. Conventional books don’t need to be charged and is affordable for one and all; unlike an E-book that needs to be charged and is very expensive. While some may argue that E-books are eco-friendly and saves millions of trees, it is still nothing compared to physical books which satisfy a tactile need in us that e-readers can't stimulate. The scent, the feel, the weight of a book in the hand is a true comfort. Statistics...
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