E-Blotter System of Navotas Police Station

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A Proposed File Management System for Navotas Police Station

C. Objective
* To develop an Incident Recording System that will organize the process data flow and to maintain and monitor the cases handled/referred to the station. * To increase the speed of inputting the cases records. * To avoid redundancy of information.

* To lessen the use of filing cabinets.

D. Significance of the System
* To design and create interface for the information and maintenance process. * The time and effort in handling the records by the officer will be less and the access of files are fast and easy. * This system can hold confidential files because it has security license.

E. Scope and Limitations
* The system is secured and cannot be accessed by anyone because it is a confidential system.

* This system can add new record and good for editing.

* It can print records of the cases and even suspects list to determine who the possible suspects that has multiple cases.

* It can search for the Law(s) Violated by the suspect and will also help a beginner officer to identify the type or nature of the crime.

* It is very safe in the way of clicking any buttons giving you notification in every action you will do.

* This system is exclusively design for the Headquarters of Navotas Police Station and cannot be modify to use in other police station with their own standard.

* In this system only the last date and time of usage or modification of file can be saved and can be seen. It cannot save all the date of manipulation of the data only the latest will do.

* This system primarily use only for Incident Recording System.
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