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Topics: Tuition, College tuition, Money Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Transcript of Interview
For us to gather sufficient and accurate data we needed, we interviewed Florida A. Soriano the school principal, Mr. Pedro V. Gabriel, lead staff of the office of the registrar and the Bookkeeper / Accounting, Mrs. Adela G. Bautista. Interview with the School Principal, Mrs. Florida A. Soriano: 1. What is your existing enrollment system, it is manually or automated? * It is manually.

2. It is ok if we propose another enrollment system?
* Yes.
3. What are the Personnel needed to enroll?
* Registrar
* Cashier
* Bookkeeper
* Other person handle the needs of the students such as uniform and books 4. For the freshmen or new comers what are the procedures to do? * Interview first the parents of the enrollee
* Show the billings
* Tuitions fees
* Miscellaneous expenses
* others
5. If they will like to cash the tuition fees what are the benefit? * They give 5% Discount for those paid cash to their Tuition Fees but they need to cash the Miscellaneous. Interview with the Bookkeeper / Accounting, Mrs. Adela G. Bautista: 1. What is your role to the faculty?

* I’m in charge to all operation when it comes to the billings, budgets, renewal, recordings, fillings, receipts, government benefits like SSS, PhiHealth, Pag – Ibig, and Taxes like BIR. 2. What is the process of the enrollment?

* Comply first the miscellaneous and first down payments. 3. What is your medium to back up all of your files?
* We use record book then we save it in the USB.
4. How long would it take to enroll the student?
* Until the student paid their full miscellaneous and tuition fees. Interview with the Registrar, Mr. Pedro V. Gabriel:
1. What are the Procedure to your Existing Enrollment System a) Pass all the requirements stated in the brochure.
b) Fill up the form such as the student number, Level, School Year, the family name fist and middle name of the student, Date...
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