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E. Albee Research Paper

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E. Albee Research Paper

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The Life of Edward Albee and Criticism of His Work
Edward Albee was born on March 12, 1978, and at two weeks old, he was adopted by Reed and Frances who were a wealthy couple that made their millions by being part owners in a theater circuit. Albee grew up in New York where as a young child his mother tried to train her son into being a dignified member of their New York society, so she would have a car drive him to horse riding lessons in the afternoons. Albee and his family would also take long vacations to Miami in the winter and Long Island Sound in the summer (Biography of Edward Albee, 2012). In his early teens, Albee attended the Lawrenceville Preparatory School for Boys. During this time Albee wrote a play entitled Aliqueen, which was a play with three acts and was a parody about sex. When Albee was fifteen, he was expelled from school for skipping too many classes, so his family then sent him to the Valley Forge Military Academy where he was also expelled for an unknown reason (Biography of Edward Albee, 2012). Albee eventually graduated from Choate in 1946.

Once Albee graduated from high school, he attended Trinity College where he was also expelled because he failed to attend Chapel and certain classes (Biography of Edward Albee, 2012). At the young age of twenty he moved to Greenwich Village which his family disapproved of and did not ever speak to his father again and did not see his mother for seventeen years (Achievement, 2012). His parents were disappointed in the fact that he did not pursue a career in the family business. Through college, he made a living by writing programs for radio stations, living off an inheritance from his grandmother, and doing odd and end jobs. After he had an unsuccessful attempt with writing poetry and fiction, he began writing plays for the theater (Achievement, 2012).

Albee’s first work was The Zoo Story, this story was a one act play set in Germany. The Sandbox which was also a one act play was a...

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