D. C. Public School System's Pilot Program with Harvard University: Bribery or Motivation?

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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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Logic Essay
Georgia Gaydos
Strayer University Manassas
“Bribery or Motivation”
This article is specific to the D.C. Public School system wanting to begin a pilot program with Harvard University to participate in a program to financially reward targeted students in the middle school grades who appear to not see school as relevant to their lives. What the outline of the program for DC would be to work with approximately 3,000 students and by following the students work and attendance habits the students could possibly earn nearly $100 every two weeks which would be deposited into a bank account for the student. This program is expected to increase student attendance and grades within the DC school systems.

In support of this argument:
- Schools are searching for ways to encourage students to participate and show up to school. This incentive may work for some of them. - The program will be administered by an outside party rather than handled within the school system itself. In non-support of this argument:

- This incentive while on the surface seems positive it does not teach the value of education. - This program seems to take the fact that many schools are not focusing on the students’ complete education rather than test scores for the accreditation of the school. - By deflecting from the inability of teachers to teach material in a manner that engages the students rather refocusing and spending more money this does not solve the overall reason for some students not learning. In many cases students are only being taught what is on a test and not becoming engaged by the teacher to fully learn the curriculum. - When the program finishes with Harvard, we must look to see if the DC school system/government would be able to maintain this program that is estimated that it would cost over $2.7M once the trial is over. Benefits of the program:

- The schools customizing the goals that are specific to their...
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