Canada`S Contribution to World War Ii

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Canada`s Contribution to World War II
World War II began on September 1st, 1939 when Hitler and his German troops led an assault on Poland without a declaration of war. This action finally led Britain and France to declare war on Germany on September 3rd. On September 10th, Canada declared war on Germany on its own accord. Canada's various roles in the war would contribute to their status on the world stage following the tragic war. Canada took part militarily and assisted the Allied war effort financially and socially throughout the conflict which contributed greatly to the Allied victory. Canada's financial contribution to the victory was very considerable, considering Canada spent $21786 077 519 12 through 1939-1940. Canada sent over many supplies to Allied countries even though there was the constant threat of German U-boats patrolling the Atlantic Ocean. Canada not only armed its own military with guns, planes, and battleships, but also built weapons for other Allied nations such as the Indian army who were entirely equipped with Canadian-made trucks or the British army, that, by 1945, was 70 percent equipped with Canadian-made rifles and machine guns. The nation also supplied the Chinese army that was fighting the Japanese in the Pacific theatre of war. Canada built cargo ships and naval guide vessels that were the main supplier of food to the United Kingdom. In addition, Canadian factories were producing an extraordinary amount of goods; workers had to put in long hours and most of them worked for seven days a week. Single women were in high demand as factory workers. Canada helped contribute to the war socially by putting up propaganda posters and through the purchase of Victory Bonds. The propaganda posters helped to motivate sustenance for World War 2 among Canadians. Canadian war posters were also used to employ and encourage wartime efficiency and to raise money through Victory Bonds and other savings programs. Another signal of the significant role...
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