C&C Mongol Influence

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Mongol Influence

The Mongols influence China and Russia in same and different ways. Both China and Russia were changed politically and economically. While in China new ways of military advancements were introduced were as Russia got more influence in their political structure.

Both, China and Russia, had changes in their government and economy. China and Russia had their government policies improved to a point where it lasted them for several hundred years later. The economy of both were booming because of the safe trade routes which lead to the spread of Chinese and Russian ideas throughout the world which in turn led to new ideas from other parts of the world to come into China and Russia. New items were also introduced to China and Russia which helped with the kingdoms crops such as the plow and spices which made the food taste better.

China, having little influence compared to Russia, learned tactics of fighting wars and conquering lands from the Mongols. The Chinese were then able to use these tactics later on to take back China form the Mongols. It introduced new ways of using their gunpowder which later also became useful to the Chinese in conquering the rest of China back after the separation of the Chinese kingdoms. They also learned how to conquer lands with huge defenses by how the Mongols took over China by invading the Great Wall of China.

Russia on the other hand had more influence with the Mongols than China. The Mongols saw the Russian empire as a weak state and decided one day to take it over, because of that the Russians were able to learn a centralized government, agriculture techniques, and a trading economy. When the Russians learned how to centralize their government, Russia was able to get back on their feet and become a united kingdom which was not possible before the Mongols came. Due to the Mongols establishing a trading economy, Russia was introduced to new ideas and religions. The religion that was the most appealing to...
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