C&C 29 Sailboat

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The C&C 29 Mark II Sailboat
The C&C 29 MKII is a sloop rigged, 29 foot, fiberglass sailboat. It was made by the C&C Yachts Company, Canada’s largest builder of sailboats in the early 1980s. History
The name C&C Yachts was created by the founders, George Cuthbertson, a Mechanical Engineer and George Cassian, an Aircraft designer. Together these two Canadian sailors formed a yacht design company called Cuthbertson and Cassian in 1961. Cuthbertson had some experience with boats as he had a previous yacht design and brokerage firm before their partnership. Together with George Hinterholler and two other building firms, Belleville Marine Yachts and Bruckmann Manufacturing they started to build a small number of steel and wooden boats. Cuthbertson with his engineering experience drew the preliminary lines while Cassian with his designing experience designed the interior. After several successful designs including the Hinterholler Invader 35, Canadian Yachtsman Perry Connolly who was so pleased with the design of the Hinterholler Invader 35 Contracted Cuthbertson and Cassian to design and build a custom made 40 foot racing sloop. Perry Connolly asked for “the meanest, hungriest 40 footer afloat” and that’s just what he got. The Red Jacket was one of the first sailboats ever made that had an ultra-light balsa wood core. After the completion of the Red jacket in 1966 it continued on to win many races and many awards including the best Canadian made boat to win the Southern Ocean Racing Conference. After the success of the Red jacket C&C sales and popularity skyrocketed. Since C&C official formation in 1969, they have been designing and building many successful boats many of them have won races. Some of C&C early designs that have won races and have received awards are; * Manitou, a 40 foot boat won the 1969 Canada’s cup

* Endurance, a 43 footer, won the Chicago-Mackinac race
* Windquest, a 39 foot racing yacht that has won...
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