Topics: Corporation, Responsibility, Individual responsibility Pages: 3 (659 words) Published: April 1, 2012
This section it’s dedicated to provide all the information related to the company that our clients need, and to offer a brief history of how the company was created as a responsible company and providing a service that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Our company recognizes that accomplishment and maintenance of security program is our personal responsibility, therefore, we will have to take initiative and be an example, this way we will maintain our system implemented by different techniques and tools like: * Trainings on C-TPAT

* Security processes described
* Security Controled and Registred.
* Technology of innovation
* Personnel recruited
* Internal Audits
* Selection of business partners

Since we look for implementation and development of the program of security C-TPAT we must fulfill some requirements to maintain a greater security in all the chain of supplies. Thus we have verifiable writings for selection of our businesses partners. We request for procedures of security and the processes to fulfill the minimum requirements of security established by the C-TPAT, participating in a questionnaire applied by our company. When completing this questionnaire, not only will help us to fulfill our obligations like member of the C-TPAT, but also some of our customers will look for fulfill requirements for importer and to become members of the C-TPAT. Guarantee security of our processes and our clients’ also.

Questionnaire is designed to identify those areas where improvements are necessary to fulfill minimm security requirements. Correct identification of a security weakness will not affect our relation of businesses, but it will allow us to work with our clients to develop a plan of security improvement if necessary.

All the people working on the company contribute to our success. An integration of our different talents and perspective,...
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