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Topics: Ethics, Stem cell, Morality Pages: 6 (2021 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Dionte Coston
Ethics Applied
Critical Thinking Application Paper

Many families are faced with different health problems in young children. But for most children these problems are mild, they come and go, and they do not interfere with their daily life and development. For some children, however, chronic health conditions affect everyday life throughout their childhood. Learning to live with a chronic condition can be very challenging for a child, for parents, and for siblings and friends. Based on the scenario I have read Edward and Susan are faced with a situation concerning there child’s health. Fortunately, they have a chance to fix things in their case. In this essay I will identify the central ethical issue present in this case. Also I will provide research supporting the ethical issues, and compare and contrast available solutions. Finally, I will apply two ethical theories to reach a resolution of the central ethical issue.

In this scenario there are quite a few ethical issues present. To start with, the pre-screening for the perfect child is one issue. If you’ve had several miscarriages and God gives you a child, who are you to say the child is or isn’t good enough. If a child would have been born with a birth defect from the start would it have been ignored and put up for adoption for a family more eager for a child just to love. Also when debating on the conception of another child in hopes to give Michelle a fighting chance to survive, there’s quite a few ethical issues at hand. One would be the motive behind the conception. Would the child be conceived out of love or hope? After the conception and possible birth, could this child be loved the way the parents obviously love Michelle or would the love be more of an appreciation if the child is able to help Michelle. Another issue is if Michelle’s body was to reject the stem-cell transplant, and her fate was sealed in death, would the parents reject this child as well. Furthermore, how the child’s conception would be explained. Would they be able to tell the child they were conceived out of love and a well anticipated expansion of the family? Or would the truth be exposed that she/he was merely conceived as a stockpile for Michelle’s health condition. Lastly if the truth was ever exposed what would be the short and long term emotional and psychological damages on the child.

Another ethical issue relevant to the issue that Michelle’s parents face is cloning. Cloning is certainly a big ethical issue and carries several controversial issues, but it is also conceived to be the step forward in the humanity needed in order to keep up with the progress and diversification of medical conditions. Dolly is perhaps one of the best known sheep in the world because it was the first ever cloned mammal that was moreover a success showing that science can actually work in this area. The cloning of Dolly was more than significant and it attracted the attention of different categories of people from different parts of the world.

Stem Cell Research is also an ethical issue relevant to the issue Michelle’s parent’s face. Although many people have a superficial understanding of stem cell research, the technical aspect of this process is largely ignored. While the reproductive side of stem cell research has drawn a lot of criticism by both industry experts and other organizations, the medical issues are ignored. In fact, there are already some uses of stem cells that are recognized as beneficial to a patient. When a person has leukemia, one of the more advanced treatments is a transplant of bone marrow that helps slow the debilitating condition of the person. Researchers believe that the cultivation of stem cells could give more possible treatments to those patients that have suffered a stroke, have Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s disease and a number of different disorders and problems. Still not everyone agrees on the issue of stem cell research and many that are...
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