Topics: Programming constructs, Computer programming, Class Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: February 15, 2013
1.Doccumentation tool that shows relationship among the sub-problems to the original problem is called structure chart. 2. The method used in solving a major problem by breaking it into sub-problems and solving them individually is called topdown method (or) topdown design (or)modularity. 3. A self contained block of a program which performs a specific well defined task is called function. 4. The function that should be used in every c program is main( ). 5.Declaration of all functions that are to be used in program is called prototype declaration (or)function prototype. 6.void fun( ) returns nothing.

7.The syntax of prototype declaration is returntype functionname(datatype1 variable1,datatype2 variable2,…. ); . 8.void fun( ); is function of type without arguments & without return values. 9.void fun( int a,int b,…); is a function of type with arguments & without returnvalues. 10.int fun(int a,int b,….); is a function of type with arguments & with return values. 11.int fun( ); is a function of type without arguments & with return values. 12.The value of a variable “n” can be returned by using the statement return n; . 13.The type of value returned for the prototype declaration fun(a1,a2,…..); is integer type. 14.The syntax of functioncall is functionname(variable1 ,variable2,…..); . 15.The syntax of function definition is returntype functionname(datatype1 variable1,datatype2 variable2,…..) 16.the statement return( ); returns nothing and of return type void. 17.The syntax of storage class is storageclass datype variable name; . 18.The default storage class is automatic.

19.The default value of automatic storage class is garbage value. 20.The default value of register storage class is garbage value. 21.The default value of static storage class is 0.
22.The default value of external storage class is 0.
23. The declaration of external storage class is also called global variable declaration. 24. The storage classes which are stored in...
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