Beano´S Cafe

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Beano's Całe: n Egyptian Flavor


Cafe, one of the most successful and popular cafe chains in =~ypt. has branches throughout the country, including locations in ::" ro. Alexandria, and Giza. At Beano's, customers can enjoy excele- quality coffees, soft drinks, shakes, and infusion drinks, as " as a wide variety of sandwiches, hot meals, and desserts. Beano's Cafes aim is to offer its customers a convenient, relax-9 place where they can purchase food and beverages of a high :uality at an affordable price. The cates have a distinctive layout ,,"'d style which is achieved through a combination of contempo?ry design and warm colors that give them a pleasant atmosphere. --e cafes environment is characterized by simplicity, elegance, : eanliness, and a modern design. It is known as a place where ung people can gather and where people can enjoy an afford::0 e outing, listen to the latest musie, and use wireless Internet.

Cafe, and from other smali, local cafes. Despite these concerns in 2000, Beano's opened its first cafe in Egypt, introducing new coffee products such as cappuccino and espresso to the Arabie market. Beano's wanted to increase its market share and target a new segment-senior citizens-along wit h maintaining and/or increasing its appeal to the youth segment, which represents the majority of its customers. The senior citizens represented the higher socio-economic class; however, Beano's discovered that young clients represented up to 70 percent of their daily clients. Beano's Cafes higher management wanted to retain its satisfied clients while also increasing its share of the customer base. They therefore put together a new marketing strategy.



--e creators of the Beano's Cafe Group had wanted to open a -ew coffee shop in Egypt for a long time but they saw problems ..,entering the Egyptian market. They believed that the Egyptian oopulation would not be keen on coffee made from unfamiliar, -ew ingredients. The Egyptian market was locally driven toward ::Jr ental cates, Turkish coffee, and shisha (water pipe); thus, 3eano's' marketing strategy was to introduce the Egyptian consurner to a new cafe experience. There was also fierce competi: on from other coffee shops, including Cilantro Cafe and Costa

Beano's Cafe's management team knew through customer surveys carried out in their chains that 60 percent of their customers keep coming back because of staff friendliness, 20 percent because of the quality of the service, and 20 percent because of the overall atmosphere at Beano's Cafe. The cafś's new marketing strategy was divided into three parts: The first was 13 percent value (offering more for the same price). the second part was 17 percent quality (offering an affordable, quality cate experience, and improving the taste of the coffee), and the final part was 67 percent service (improving the face-to-face interaction with customers inside the cafe). Beano's placed the greatest emphasis on improving the level of customer service in its cafes. The company did this in a number of ways. First, management decided to speed up the serving process by allocating one minute for taking orders, seven minutes to make the order, and a final one minute


Part Three


Designing a Customer-Driven Strategy and Mix modern cates were established in the Egyptian market; the focus was more on the local "kahwa" (Turkish/Arabic coffee), tea, and shisha. Beano's Cafe positioned itself as an affordable, modern cafe with a lively, entertaining environment. Beano's Cafe's targeting approach became youth oriented. The cafe was representing a new approach to coffee, selling cappuccino and java solo drinks like espresso. Thus, the segmentation approach started to focus more on the youth differentiated segmentation market approach. As mentioned, the use of a kitchen provided the company with differentiation over the competition,...
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