B. R. Richardson Integrative Case (Od)

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B.R. Richardson Timber Products Corporation Case study

1. For the following people in the case, list the comments and observations of the employees and consultants using a table. (15 points)


Employee observationsConsultant observations
Ben Richardson-Somewhat authoritarian and perfectionist
-Believes in motivating employees using rewards
-Open to communication with employees
-Effective leader who recognizes weaknesses in his organization and seeks effective solutions

Juanita Yates
-Very influential due to influences she has over Ben Richardson
-Influential employee who questions decisions made
Rich Bowman
-Third ranked in terms of influence at plant
-Influential through association with Juanita Yates
-Poor communication and negative body language

Joe Bumford-Seen as dedicated due to long hours put in
-Positively impacted morale through developing softball team -Introduced incentives for safety targets
-Weaknesses in communication about cash flow
-Hardworking and enjoys work
-Has good relationship with fellow employees
-Intimidates Ben Richardson
Susan Lyons
-Performs sloppy work
-Computer expert-Plays an integral role in company and questions decision making processes

Rolf Dunbar-Poor with personnel especially after fatality occurred under his watch -Introduced incentives for safety targets
-Soft and hardly authoritative with employees

-Incompetent and not straightforward
-Spent afternoon justifying his competence in the organization Jim Fuller
-Seen as not having long term commitment to company due to out of work activities such as dee-jaying -Not leadership oriented-Did not meet and interview Fuller

John Rondo
-Leadership oriented, hardworking and dedicated
-Nice person who works well with Joe

Ron Baker
-Business person who likes to impress although it sometimes doesn’t work for him
-He enjoys leadership and is dedicated in spite of challenges he faces

Bob Griffith
-Good workers and planner owing to background in military
-Questionable leadership attributes.
-Did not meet and interview Bob

Bob Bennis
-Not a pusher although very experienced.
-Accepts directions and has a few personal family and financial issues
-Did not meet and interview Bob

John McClough
-Works well when alone although he is a flop who has failed in responsibilities and may be laid off soon
-Overall nice person with good relationship with employees

2. Analyze Lawler’s entry and contracting process. (20 points) Lawler uses an effective strategy when entering the contracting process. He begins by setting a meeting with Richardson and Bowman for briefing on exact nature of services they require from him. He then analyzes the information given and gives his potential employers three different courses of action which they should take regarding a decision to hire him. He proposes recommending someone else, using his consultancy skills or receiving assistance from his students. Richardson and Bowman opt for the third alternative. Lawler also opts to develop an independent investigation of the plant in order to disclose the issues facing it as opposed to relying on the management to provide information on the same. He uses his students’ judgment skills together with his personal skills to analyze the perception of the problem from both the employees’ viewpoint and the consultant’s viewpoints. This information forms the basis of developing a report. This independent report forms gives recommendations which may solve issues facing the plant. Lawler is also careful to discuss the issues of payment with the management. He decides to charge them for three consultancy days every week in addition to expenses incurred in visits to the plant with his students. 3. Do you think Lawler faces any resistance in getting the manager and supervisor to support this effort? Why or why not? If yes, what can be done to...
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