B@B Bayer Case Study

Topics: Brand, Advertising, Marketing Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: April 16, 2013
1.The original motivation behind Bayer’s decision to launch the Makrolon ingredient branding concept was, to give Bayer and it’s partner’s the ability to achieve a differentiation of themselves from the competition and competing products by means of a branding strategy. It was important to Bayer to highlight the advantages of Makrolon and transfer this positive image to the end product with the help of a brand name. With this differentiation it gives the ingredient a unique selling proposition, or USP and encourages the end customer to give preference to products with the Makrolon logo or even keep a look out for this particular product when looking to make a purchase.

2. The factors that were responsible for the success and failure of these efforts were due to the pull effect. This was not achieved by just adding the Makrolon quality seal to a product, packaging and advertising material. Quality and credibility was also conveyed to the consumer, in order to build familiarly with the Makrolon brand. Bayer accomplished ingredient by branding partners labeling their products and brochures all over Europe with the words “Made of Makrolon”. The partners explained the advantages of the special polycarbonate and why customers should choose this product with this ingredient in print, advertisements, brochures, catalogs on their website and in trade fairs. Their Ad campaigns appealed directly to potential end customers and in 2000 it began targeting individual audiences with appropriate motifs, giving the right emotional associations for the particular segment. Bayer used PR in print media, TV ads and they also were the first to use advertising on intercity locomotives operated by Deutshe Bahn. While establishing a a high tech plastic such as Makrolon as a brand with the user proved to be difficult and incurred considerable advertising costs, Bayer decided to exploit its well known name and reputation and incorporated the Bayer cross into the Makrolon logo in order...
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