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Education in Pakistan
Education is the backbone of every nation. Many countries have carved their names in the history of the world because of their well educated society and citizens. Education is the delivery of knowledge and skill from a teacher to student. Though this delivery of knowledge is taking place everywhere in our country as well but it is not effective. According to literacy definition (as in 1998 census) an educated person is the one who can read a news paper and write a simple letter in any language. Keeping in mind this definition, we can say that 50% of population of Pakistan is literate but the reality is quite different. This 50% of the population is unaware of modern techniques and technologies. The education system of Pakistan is responsible for it. The present education system of Pakistan has failed to fulfill the requirement of society. The failure of education system in Pakistan is due to number of reasons. Few of them along with their remedies are discussed below:

Education system in Pakistan:
The education system of Pakistan falls into five levels. These are: •Primary level
Middle level
Secondary level
Intermediate level
University level
If we talk about schools, colleges and universities, they also fall in three categories. These are: •Government schools
Private schools
Talking about the government institutions first, they are in poor condition due to lack of attention and shortage of funds. Teachers are not given adequate salary. Private schools, on the other hand are doing much better job. There are number of school systems which are well recognized in Pakistan like THE CITY SCHOOL, BEACON HOUSE SCHOOL SYSTEM, and ALLIED SCHOOL etc. They are paying their teachers well and are giving them necessary training for teaching. The only drawback of these private schools is that their fees are not affordable by everyone. Madaris are the third type of educational systems working in Pakistan. They are...
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