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Marketing Research Project
Indian MBA: A gateway to a successful placement

Submitted To:
Mr. Hamendra Dangi

Submitted By:
Saurabh Pant F-133
Shashank Prabhu F-134
Shilpa Sardar F-135
Shubham Dangayach F-136
Shubhra Mittal F-137
Sunny Gajjar F-139
Syed Ashraf Husain F-140


We are thankful to our project coordinator and mentor Mr. Hamendra Dangi for giving us the opportunity to do a Marketing Research Project: “B Schools have become placement centres”. We would also like to thank him for giving us the guidance, experiences and knowledge. He gave his precious time and incessant encouragement to make this project a success till this extent. He has been instrumental in shaping out opinion about the task at hand by holding out fruitful and result-oriented discussions supported by constructive criticism.

Also, we would like to thank Prof. Raj Dhankar (Dean, MBA-FT), for providing such a good opportunity by including Marketing Research course in the curriculum.

Our grateful thanks also go to respondents whose valuable responses helped us to analyze the data and to conclude the findings. A special thanks to Mr. Apurv Pandit, Chief Editor, PaGaLGuY.com, Mr. Sushim Gupta, Area Sales Manager, Kolkata, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Mr. Shankar Rao, Area Sales Manager, Delhi, Airtel, Mr. Mohit Rodeja, currently a TAS Manager and an alumnus of FMS, Batch of 2011, Mr. Karnam Tarun, FMS, Batch of 2011, who availed the placement holiday facility, Mr. Gajendra Mohan Jha, Placement Secretary, FMS and Mr. Karan Maroo, Member, Placement Committee at IIM Indore.

Last but not the least; we would also like to thank all those who have contributed directly or indirectly to the success of this project.

Table of Contents

Literature Review8
Are Top B Schools Losing8
Race For Ranks10
Topmba.Com Job & Salary Trends Reports 2011/1211
Impact Of Mba Education On Students Values16
The Mba In The Uk18
Evaluating The Real ‘Roi’ Of An Mba Program21
Research Methodology25
Survey Analysis Method:33
Time Lines Involved34
Data Analysis35
Drill Down Analysis45


The demand for management graduates has increased by leaps and bounds over the last few decades. Substantial number of aspirants line up for ‘that’ elusive seat in the top B-schools and so, an understanding of the general perception regarding the utility of an MBA has become crucial. The present study aims to find out the thought process that goes behind choosing MBA as a career option and also the perception of an MBA in the eyes of the external world. An attempt has been made to determine a correlation between the mindset of MBA aspirants and the ever-increasing placement figures and to ascertain if there are any other factors that influence the decision making process involved in pursuing an MBA.


The relevance of B-Schools is rising continuously primarily. Globalization and rapid developments in travel and information technology means businesses and their leaders are working in a rapidly changing and unfamiliar environment. B-schools offer management courses and programs that are practically applicable. The courses teach to handle every day challenges in the real-world of business. Good managerial skills are in high demand today. B-schools throughout the world provide practical and research based training to their candidates who in turn utilize that knowledge in their individual fields when they actually enter the corporate or business world. These Management Schools play a vital role in shaping the future Managers.

MBA is one of the most sought after degree program in India and provides the following benefits: * Managerial Skills: Knowledge imparted extends out in developing managerial skills for candidates....
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