B for Buster Final Essay

Topics: War, United States Air Force, New Universe Pages: 4 (1489 words) Published: May 11, 2013
War has a lasting effect on misguided and misinformed teenagers who rashly make the decision to join the army without the appropriate knowledge on what war is really like. In the novel, ‘B for Buster’, by Iain Lawrence, which takes place on an airbase in England, readers can delve into a tale of woe and horror experienced by members of the air force. It is this woe and horror occurring in the air force that a young boy from Canada named Kak has come to know. Kak’s character undergoes significant adjustments with each month he spends in the air force and with each person he meets and grows close to. Lawrence uses Kak’s dynamic character to show the destruction of war on the minds of teenagers who illegally join the fight as Kak develops from a self- centred child to a broken young man. Kak’s childish behaviour at the beginning of his journey causes him to stand out from the other air crew members. Kak wants to be a hero like Captain Marvel; saving the day and defeating evil. The events of the training flight contribute to Kak’s idea of being able to do anything. He says, “Shazam!” I cried into the intercom. Someone laughed and I knew it was another stupid thing I’d done. I slapped my helmet and called myself an idiot. “Quoting Captain Marvel, what a fool you are,” I thought (18). This establishes Kak’s immature attitude as he envisions himself as Captain Marvel flying through the air and saving the day. To even further prove his childish outlook on the situation, Kak uses wishful thinking and fantasizing to view war as though it were a game. Such as when Kak is in the cockpit of Buster with Lofty and is watching through the window when he mutters, “Bam! Kapow!” (20), as the plane races into the clouds during the training session. This shows how Kak thinks war is a fun, thrilling game and that he can do anything without getting hurt in the process. The kid is often very accepting of childish explanations for serious situations. An example of this occurs when Kak...
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