A V R Essay

Topics: American Dream, Reality, An American Family Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Appearance vs. reality explores how the more persistent illusion will triumph over what the individual want to be true. While reality is persistent, appearance it is less convincing as it based upon the fragile network of an individual’s values, expectation and deepest desires. Pleasantville (1998) directed by Gary Ross examines this idea through the protagonist who escapes his troubles and unforgiving reality to Pleasantville; a fake world that reflects his utopic vision and 1950’s American society. Similarly Robert Frost’s poem “Birches” shows no matter how hard he tries to escape his reality to a better illusion he was made for himself, reality is persistent and will always bring him back. In Pleasantville the idea that reality will triumph over appearances is shown by David’s negative view of his family and yearning for the family he sees in Pleasantville.. The appearance that David sees in Pleasantville is peace, calm, relaxing and great but in his reality it is the opposite of Pleasantville as he has difficult problems with his family. This is shown by of contrast of the perfect family living the American Dream in Pleasantville compared to David’s own family. The montage of shots of all the members of Bud’s family in Pleasantville contrasts heavily to the empty and wide shot of David and just his mother, emphasising how his family is so different from his ideal family on Pleasantville. Although David wants to become part of Bud’s family, he realises this is just an illusion based on his desires. This is clear when he realises Bud’s family isn’t as perfect as it seems through the uncomfortableness he feels with the repetition of the word “swell” to describe what he thinks is good and returns to his persistent illusion of his real family, his mother. Reality is shown to be the more persistent illusion through the corruption of values in Pleasantville. Jennifer instigates the corruption of Pleasantville by bringing in values and practices of her reality to the...
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