A.P U.S History Chapter 11 Study Guide

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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1. Albany Regency-created by Martin Van Buren from NY. “Tightly disciplined state political machine in NY”. Not born into the elites. Van Buren had faith in the commoners. Allowed democracy to flourish, helped suffrage. 2. As a Bucktail, Van Buren’s goal was democracy and less power to elites. He helped create National Political parties, and went up against elite DeWitt. 3. 1840, changing voting qualifications changed and 90% of adult males over 21 could vote. 4. Universal manhood suffrage adopted first by Kentucky in 1792. Then Tennessee and Ohio. Only 5 states allowed African free men to vote; Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. 5. Africans and women couldn’t vote. Stemmed from paternalistic ideas and racism. Thought of as inferior. Woman still tried to conduct political business (were ignored). Started womens rights movement. 6. 1824 marked end of Era of good feelings. Jackson and Clay-West, Adams-North, and Calhoun-South. Jackson won most electoral and popular votes but Adams was chose by the House of Reps. Known as CORRUPT BARGAIN. Jackson furious, set stage for 1828 election. 7. Cause for expansion of voting rights was primarily expansion. People were more independent. Also print revolution, which was helped by the invention of the steam powered press created by the American Tract society. Printing allowed people to engage in politics, felt sense of belonging. 8. New popular democratic culture: Ultimately an expansion of democracy. Stemmed from new voting rights. Mass campaigns, parades, newspapers- all a huge part of democratic culture. 9. Won the election by riding the new wave of democratic politics with the help of Van Buren. Jackson’s party was called the democrats, and opposed special privilege to the elite. Appealed mostly to westerners and southerners. The victory was interpreted as a victory for the common man. 10. Peggy Eaton-John Eaton’s wife…had a bad rep....
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