A&P 2 Final

Topics: Hypothalamus, Growth hormone, Signal transduction Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: January 21, 2013
A&P 2; final exam III

1._______ and _______ "bioactivate" thyroid hormone by removing a single "outer-ring" iodine atom.D1 and D2 2._______ and the _______ regulate virtually all aspects of growth, development, and homeostasispituitary; hypothalamus 3._______ are a component of signal transduction cascadessecondary messengers 4._______ binds to specific call surface receptors that stimulate adenylate cyclase to produce cAMPTSH 5._______ control growth and developmenthormones

6._______ directly controls the secretion of calcitionin and parathyroid hormone via negative feedback loops that do not involve the pituitary glandblood calcium level 7._______ have powerful effect even when present in very low concentrationshormones 8._______ hormones activate an integral membrance proteinwater-soluble 9._______ hormones are enclosed in vesicles that move down the axons and accumulate near at the axon terminals that are close to the posteroir pituitary's capillarieshypothalamic hormones 10._______ hormones bind to and activate receptors within the cellslipid-soluble 11._______ hormones may start a mechanism of action involving cyclic AMPwater-soluble 12._______ increases metabolic activity that is required to synthesize thyroglobulin and generate peroxideTSH 13._______ is a gas and a hormonenitric oxide

14._______ is an important component of the follicular colloidthyroglobulin 15._______ is one of the hormones that is produced in the hypothalamus and has vesicular transport in the axons of the hypothalamohypophysial tractOT 16._______ is the term for the constellation of defects resulting from untreated neonatal hypothyroidism.cretinism 17._______ may have synthetic hormones bind to themhormone receptors 18._______ stimulates both I- uptake and iodination of tyrosine residues on thyroglobulinTSH 19._______ stimulates contraction of the uterus and ejection (let-down) of milk from the breastsoxytocin 20._______:...
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