A.E Housman's "Is My Team Plowing

Topics: Alfred Edward Housman, Shropshire, Poetry Pages: 4 (1236 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Biography of A.E Housman
My poet is A.E Housman. He was born by the name of Alfred Edward Housman on March 26, 1859 in Fockbury, Worcestershire, England. His mother died on his 12th birthday. Soon later, his father remarried to a girl named Lucy in 1873. A.E was the eldest of 7 children. A.E had a brother Laurence and a sister Clemence who also both became writers. A.E was first educated at King Edward’s School in Birmingham, England. While he was in King Edward’s School, he received prizes for his poetry and a strong education. King Edward’s school is known as one of the most academically successful schools in all of England. The school goes from grades 5th through 12th. In 1877, he received an open scholarship to St. Johns College, Oxford, in the United Kingdom. Once he got to Oxford, he made great relationships with his roommate Moses Jackson. While at Oxford, Housman failed to pass his final examination, even though he was a brilliant scholar. Many people say that the reason is that he had feelings for his roommate Moses Jackson. After Oxford, Jackson got him a job as a clerk in patent office in London in 1882. During this job, A.E and Moses shared a house with Moses’s brother Adalbert. When he found out that Adalbert had died in 1892, he left this job to pursue his other dreams. Nearing the end of 1892, A.E was offered a job as a professor of Latin at University College London. After leaving the University College London, he began to focus on Latin poetry. In 1896, Housman published A Shropshire Lad, which was a collection of 63 poems he had written. Housman originally titled the book, The Poems of Terrence Hearsay, but changed it because his publisher told him to. At first, the book sold very slowly, but during the Second Boer War in 1899, it became a bestseller. It became a best seller during the war because of the way Housman described the rural life and young men’s early deaths. During World War I, the book even increased its popularity. Houseman was...
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