A.D. 982: First Recorded Date in Sino-Philippine Relations

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  • Published : February 2, 2011
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This document is written by Ma Tuan-lin
He is a son of a high government official and was a noted Chinese scholar and teacher. •Given the fact that he was educated, I think it makes this document very reliable. He was a son of a government official, which makes him very well aware of the relationship between China and Philippines.

Lugar at Panahon:
The document is seen in a book titled Wen Shiann Tung Kuo (A General Investigation of the Chinese Cultural Sources) written in 1317-1319 and published in 1322. •This was confirmed by the Sung Shih (Histor of the Sung Dynasty), which was published in 1343-1347. •There were extensive trades being conducted with the Chinese people.

Paunahang Kaalaman:
Philippines were performing trades with other nearby countries. This includes Indonesia, India and China.

This document was written for the public: student, teachers, and etc.

In my opinion, I think this document was written to let all the Filipinos know when the Sino-Philippine period started. This is because a lot of people believe in different times.

Pangunahing Ideya:
Chinese overseas merchants traded with our people during the misty centuries before Magellan’s arrival. •People’s claims about the beginning of Sino-Philippines were all different and conjecural. oSome scholars believe that Sino-Philippines intercourse began as early as the period of Chou dynasty (1122-247 B.C.) oOthers believe that it started in the 3rd century A.D.

oOthers speculate that it occurred during the T’ang dynasty (A.D. 618-907) •The date A.D. 982 is recorded as the beginning of Sino-Philippine contact by Ma Tuan-lin. oHe called Philippines Mo-yi (Ma-i).

This document is important, because it contains important fact about the Sino-Philippine period. It proves that certain events happened at that time. •Based from the document, it states that Filipinos were conducting trades with...
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