A Written Description of an Oral Presentation (Ppt Slides) of a Research Project to Be Conducted in a Language Classroom

Topics: Comprehension, Multiple choice, Experiment Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: March 17, 2013
The effect of a pre-task activity on improvement of L2 learners’ listening comprehension

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The present study attempts to find out to what extend giving a pre-task activity of a glossary of unknown vocabulary assists L2 learners of “2n de Batxillerat” with their performance on listening comprehension questions across low intermediate, intermediate and upper-intermediate levels. Each level consists of two groups, an experimental group and a control group. (Twenty participants each group). A total of 120 participants. The experimental group will receive a glossary of unknown vocabulary items with the pronunciation one day before the listening and the post listening comprehension questions. The expected results are that all three levels of students will get significant better results with the pre-task activity than the results obtained by students without the pre-task activity. Literature review

Changes in the stream of language teaching reflect the direction towards oral proficiency rather than reading comprehension or writing. A great number of studies have examined the effect of providing background knowledge to help students enhance listening comprehension. ( Keshavarz & Babai, 2001; Long, 1989; Markham & Latham, 1987). Due to the listening complexity, some pre-listening activities as support in the teaching of listening are proposed by authors like (Chastain, 1988; Richards, 1990; Rost, 2001; Underwood, 1989). Anderson and Lynch(1988) have defined, “Listening as the means to immediate oral production”. Brown(1980) maintains, “ Listening ability lies at the heart of all growth, from birth through the years of formal education. The better those learning skills are developed, the more productive our learning efforts” (p.10). So, this skill is crucial by learners to learn a second language.( Rost, 1990, p. 62) says “ Meaning is created only by an active listening in which the linguistic form triggers interpretation within the...
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