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Schramn (2008) worked on e-learning web based system that could simply offer and grade mathematical questions with immeasurable patience. (Adebayo and Abdulhamid, 2009) said, it needs the capability which requires for the input and output of mathematical formulas, the dynamic generation of plots and the generation of random expressions and numbers.

(Al-Bayati and Hussein, 2008) presents an applied Generic Software of multiple kinds of E-Examination package; this package of e-exam was designed and concerned with Hearing Impaired (HI) persons (i.e. people with weakened or reduced ability of hearing). Therefore the exam material of this package is translated into an understandable language of HI persons like sign language and finger spelling. (Olawale Adebayo and Shafi’I Muhammed Abdulhamid,2009) said, The concept of the Generic software is to present an empty templates to the teacher who would like to develop his required E-Examination for the needful topic (mathematics, language, science, etc) and desired set of exam kinds (multiple choices, matching between words, fill in blanks, etc).

(Zhenming et al, 2003) worked on Web-based Examination System that provides an effective solution for mass education evaluation. They developed a novel online examination system based on a Browser/Server framework which carries out the examination and auto-grading for objective questions and operating questions, such as programming, operating Microsoft Windows, editing Microsoft Word , Excel and PowerPoint, etc. (Adebayo and Abdulhamid,2009) said it has been successfully applied to the distance evaluation of basic operating skills of computer science, such as the course of computer skills in Universities and the nationwide examination for the high school graduates in Zhejiang Province, China.

(Rashad et al, 2010) proposed web based online examination system. (Adebayo and Abdulhamid, 2009) said that, The system carries out the examination and auto-grading for students exams and that the system facilitates conducting exams, collection of answers, auto marking the submissions and production of reports for the test. Also, it supports many kinds of questions and was used via Internet and is therefore suitable for both local and remote examination. They, said the system could help lecturers, instructors, teachers and others who are willing to create new exams or edit existing ones as well as students participating in the exams in which they said the system was built using various open source technologies AJAX, PHP, HTML and MYSQL database. They said, an auto-grading module was generalized to enable different exam and question types and the system was tested in the Mansoura university quality assurance center. They said, the test proved the validity of using this kind of web based systems for evaluates students in the institutions with high rate of students.

(EL Emary and Al Sondos, 2006) worked on an online website for tutoring and e-examination of economic course aimed to present a novel software tool can be used for online examination and tutorial application of the syllabus of economic course (Adebayo and Abdulhamid, 2009) said the proposed software is structured from two major modules: The first one was an online website to review and make self-test for all the material of economic course. The second part is an online examination using a large database bank of questions through it the level of students can be evaluated immediately and some statistical evaluations can be obtained. They said, the developed software offers the following features: 1) Instructors could add any further questions to maximize the size of the bank of questions. 2) Different examinations for each student with randomly selected questions from the bank of questions can be done.

3) Different reports for the instructors, students, classes…etc can be obtained.

4) Several students can take their exams simultaneously...
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