A Worst Teacher

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  • Published : March 26, 2011
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A Worst Teacher
I have a terrible teacher in my middle school life, his name is Jian Yang. Mr. Yang was my Chinese teacher, he has model stature, but every time I bethink his face, I feel nausea. I had dreamed about him several times, his face was clearly emerging in my mind, I will never forget his pair of fierce eyes and that wicked mouth. Mr. Yang was the worst teacher in my middle school, although most my middle school’s teachers are not very good.

My middle school is a private school. When I was sophomore, Mr. Yang and our Music teacher had been espousal at same year. We all think they will have a ceremonious wedding soon. But the fact is not what we think. In Chinese school, every teacher has an assistant in each class, those assistants help teacher pick up papers and books, or take homework from us and edit then. My friend Yu was Mr. Yang’s assistant. Yu was a cute girl, she have nice voice and smooth long hair. But I detected a strange thing; every time she back to classroom from Mr. Yang’s office, her emotion had been changed, sometimes glad, sometimes displeased. “Mr. Yang must did something to her,” I thought, anyway it’s not my business. Five years later, once all my middle school’s friends and I went to my birthday party, I began to ask our middle school career’s mysteries of the unknown. Yu began to crying, I understand why, and ask her “you cry because Mr. Yang, right?” “Yes.” She answered. Then I took her to side. She said as she cried “He is my boyfriend.” I been shocked, doesn’t he have fiancée? Is this the reason why Mr. Yang and our music teacher haven’t done their wedding yet? I have a thousand questions to ask Yu, but it isn’t right timing. Yu kept telling me, and my eyes being opened more and more large. “Wait; did you just say you went to hotel with him?” I ask her. “Um… He also asks me some excessive demands. About…” At same time, I can’t inhibit my dander. I tried to call my friend and go find him, but Yu stopped me. “Let him go,...
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