A Worn Path Short Story Research Paper

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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Many obstacles can be taken when one desired the most is at risk. Phoenix Jackson is an old woman who has the right intentions, but meets many conflicts on the way. In the short story, “A Worn Path”, Eudora Welty predicts that one never knows where a path will end up leading them through conflict and symbolism.

Phoenix Jackson warns that one never knows where a path will end up leading to. In the short story “a Worn Path”, Phoenix Jackson goes through many obstacles on the path to find medicine for her “grandson” (Welty). Phoenix is on a mission to retrieve treatment for her grandson. She is willing to face anything that gets in the way of her path leading to her destination. As Phoenix faces her journey she will reach conflicts beyond the way.

While on the path to complete her mission phoenix stumbles upon many conflicts. In the short story “a Worn Path”, Phoenix comes encounter with intimidation of a “young hunter” in the woods (Heller).The hunter tests the old lady of weakness as he boasts of himself throughout the scavenged woods. Although the hunter has a gun with any possible chance to use it on Phoenix, she resembles courage upon the conflict for going about her business and continuing about her quest. In the short story “a Worn Path”, old woman Phoenix struggled up a hill “extricate[ed] herself from a thorn bush”, and crossed a log over a creek (Piwinski). As the woman struggles to get out of the bush she chooses to not give up and continue forward her path. The woods may have brought conflict and obstacles to Phoenix, but that won’t stop her from reaching the end of her journey.
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