A World Without Google

Topics: Google, Advertising, Mass media Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Brittany Wren
English 291
What If Google Never Existed!
Imagine a time where having an infinite amount of information wasn’t able to be accessed as app on your smart phone. Imagine a time where doing research meant going to the library and searching through a card catalogue. Imagine a time when discovering new friends and new places meant flipping through the television and landing on other cultures from the Discovery channel. Without the ultimate the media innovations of Google tasks that take a matter of seconds in our lives would takes hours and maybe even days. There is now a generation that doesn’t know a world without being able to see their house from their desktop courtesy of Google Maps. The Google cooperation has changed society in many ways; the most important of these ways would be how Google has changed our everyday lives and how Google has helped improve the economy. A world without Google would lead to an even bigger economic struggle and less media innovation. To fully understand the impact that Google has had on the world and what the world would be like without it, you would have to learn a little about its history. Google is the most visited website in the world, with over fifty-four percent of the search engine market. According to Time Magazine, Google receives about a billion searches per day, and is reported to makes 12 cents for every search performed, which is proof that the Google Corporation is a very innovative business! Google started on September 14. 1997 and by the year 2000 had already created a variety of media jobs and changed the world of media advertising by creating AdWords (a system based on the idea that you only paid for your advertising if some clicked on your ad link). Google has also changed how we see the earth, with Google Earth you are using satellite technology you have your own map of the world where you can even see your house. Google has become so commonly used that in two...
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