A World Too Dependant on Technology

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Instant messaging Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: December 4, 2011
English III
Mr. Brown
August 18, 2011

We live in a world that is “Technologically civilized”, meaning we cannot function without technology. With today’s continuous advances, technology has now became a necessity rather a luxury. Gaining information on the internet has made people become lazier and illiterate. Social interactions between people today are very dependant on technology, which will lead to the cease of face-to-face communications. Technology can do more harm than good if humankind’s association with it increases even more.

First of all, people are becoming more and more dependant on the availability of information. When seeking information, most people would use the internet rather than searching in a book. Many times the information on the World Wide Web will be inaccurate or does not appear on the internet. Although utilizing the internet for online resources is readily available, most of the content is usually unchecked or moderated by an expert. Books can offer carefully edited information and the authors can be identified, unlike internet sources. While using the internet is quick and convenient, you should not value the information just because of the speed you found it at. Internet sites using shorthand and “Web Hieroglyphics” for words, we find ourselves using improper grammar continuously through our writing and interaction between one another. The increased use of Spell Check has made it a crutch for those orthographically impaired. Spell Check makes individuals enjoy the illusion that they know how to spell words that they actually cannot. Correct spelling is a skill and therefore needs to be practiced, because of Spell Check, semi-literate people become incapable of effective writing and communication. With the speed of the internet and poor grammar corrected with just a click of a mouse, can cause us to be too dependant on the commodity of internet use.

Next, face-to-face communications let us nurture relationships with...
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