A World of Idiots, Isolation, and Insensitivity

Topics: Human, Thought, Mind Pages: 3 (1214 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Technology. What would we do without it? Technology has assisted the world we know today with major breakthroughs such as finding cures to deadly diseases and solving crimes. This cyberspace of artificial intelligence has integrated itself into common life so much, that society cannot function without it. The question proposed now: Has technology began to cripple humanity? Has it already happened? Yes, technology cripples the world as much as it moves the world forward. In M.T. Anderson's Feed, technology progresses to the point that people have chips in their brains that give them access to the Web in a millisecond; but it comes at a price. People who have the "feed" submit themselves to the control of corporations, whose sole purpose is to bombard its users with advertisements, which essentially rids them of all empathy connections to fellow human beings. In M.T. Anderson's prophetic novel Feed, one discerns how the technology of the feed desensitizes humans to the point that they can barely think for themselves, build relationships with each other, and perceive the wonder of the world around them, ultimately analyzing humanity's greatest strength as humanity's greatest downfall; the more connection technology gives a person to everything, the more alone they remain.

Throughout Feed, one witnesses technology suppresses independent thought process in the main characters as they go about their lives, conveying the sinister twist of being able to know everything and nothing at the same time. In "Part 1: moon" Titus, the main protagonist, describes how lonely he has been feeling lately after leaving parties "there's nothing but the feed telling you, This is the music you heard. This is the music you missed. This is what's new. Listen," revealing how much control the feed has over Titus as it forces him to listen to this music (5). Titus can't even truly interpret how Violet's spine appears to him without "the feed suggest[ing] "supple," depicting how much...
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