A Work Day to Remember

Topics: Automobile, Transport Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Douglas E. Lewis
Prof. Jones
Nov. 3, 2012
Descriptive Paragraph
A work day to remember on Halloween
October 31, 2009 was a hateful, threatening, cold, slippery day for me at work. First of all, my partner and I understood that the work day was going to be more intense; 75% of the people we would encounter would be wearing mask for the holiday, the fact that we were armor truck messengers/ drivers would cause us to be suspicious of everyone considering that we were a mobile target. The day would be filled with work versus people and weather conditions. Anxiously as I briskly walked into the stores to pick up the money I couldn’t resist looking at everyone’s disguised faces. Upon entering the armor vehicle after each stop, the movie “Dead presidents” replayed in my mind, I sighed with relief of not having to defend myself of an attempted robbery. Secondly, the sun never came out; the day was full of rain which added to the gloominess and piercing fierce winds. After consistently getting in and out of the vehicle, my partner and I decided to trade places so I could warm up and dry off. As I proceeded to drive I noticed the dark evening was approaching quickly; darkness, Halloween masks and transporting money was a bad combination. Understanding the greater risk we would be in I smashed on the gas heading to our next location. While exiting the freeway my partner screamed “this is a sharp turn”, before I could react we began to slide out of control turning at a 180 degree angle facing on-coming traffic the wet pavement caused the truck to flip over onto its side, sliding with an screeching sound we braced ourselves as the truck rolled off the bank of the exit. I laid motionless with my head propped against the cold window. My partner and I both moaning breathing in exhaust, we could hear the faint sounds of sirens getting closer. In addition, my partner was able to open the back messenger door, I was able to climb in the back, and my...
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