A Wonderful Experience Essay

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A Wonderful Experience
The most beautiful place to go hiking during the summer is Hanging Lake. The sun was so intense that I could feel its rays burning my face. I lifted my eyes and saw the path of rocks. Small and large rocks all together making a dangerous and exhausting journey. Situated between majestic mountains and a clear river on your right. Nature accompanied me the whole time, and trees became my best friends. I was the first to climb; behind me was Gethzemani I could see the concern on my sister’s face doubting about her ability to reach to the top. For ten minutes I was ahead of her, but then the trail became steeper and my legs started to walk slower. Everything was quiet up there. I could hear the songbirds from far away, I didn’t know where they were but they sound was so closed that I thought they were right next to me. While walking uphill I sat on a wood bench everything was so tranquil, and the only thing I could hear was the melodious sound of the river. The feeling of the cool dry air on my skin made the sweat of my forehead to dry quickly; therefor, this pleasant sensation makes me go ahead, and reach to the top of the mountain. The smell of the trees, and wild flowers is so strong that scrapes on my nose and makes me sneeze. The lake was not very far, but after walking for 1 hour it seems like I was never going to reach to the top. I walked two miles during one hour. Climbing huge rocks, crossing bridges, and hydrating my body with fresh cold water. I took several breaks, but finally saw the weathered and tired sign pointing to the right that said “Hanging Lake”. I saw my sister sitting on a bench waiting for me, and her face looked like a ripped tomato. I walked on a wooden floor with my head tired looking down, but when I heard the water falling from a waterfall, and smell this fishy smell from the water I raised my head and there was a glorious paradise. The lake was surrounded by a huge wall of rock and protected by green...
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