A Woman Is Sitting in Her Old, Shuttered House.

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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A woman is sitting in her old, shuttered house. She knows that she is alone, every other thing is dead. The door bell rings..... She carries herself up on her feet, reaching for her walking stick. Slowly she walks to the door and open just a little that it is just clear enough for her to see who is at her doorstep. Standing before her eyes is a man, with scars and wounds all over him. Emotions filled her lungs as she was staring at the man, she feels that she knows him and they have a very close relationship, but she just could not recognise him. Suddenly, the man pulls out a silver necklace. At the moment she sees the necklace, she recalled... It was a few years since she last seen him when he was sent there. She drags herself forward and hugs him. Tears of joy begin to drop down her cheek. The man is her husband, who was sent to Iraq to fight in a war for the sake of their country. That necklace was her present to him on their first wedding anniversary. It is never a hard rock to break for both of them, but the days are over now, she was blessed with his return. It was an order and responsibility that he could not avoid, as well as the other thousands of men. He was desperate and refused to leave his family but he had no choice. He started a hard life in the barrack, with his family apart for such a long period of time, it was never a more difficult and suffering sacrifice he could had done. Days in the barrack were rather suffering, there were military trainings night and days. They literally were not allowed to contact or communicate their family. It was even more suffering as he himself heard that the battle had spread to their own hometown, unaware of the safety of their own love ones, there is nothing that they could do. As a father and a husband, it is a heavy burden. They are the warriors of the country, the soldiers that fought for freedom for their own countries. Our country and people will not achieve and enjoy the freedom...
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