A Whole New Mind

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A Whole New Mind: Chapter 6 Reading Guide Questions

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1. What is symphony and why is it important in the work world?| Symphony is the tendency to put pieces together like a puzzle. Symphony is important in the work world today because now, in modern times, you have to be able to see the big picture and sort out the pieces, to have an advantage over others| 2. Give a description of each of the following: a. The Boundary Crosser b. The Inventor c. The Metaphor Maker. Also give a specific example of each from the book.| a. The Boundary Crosser is someone who is a multitasker and seek multiple choices and united solutions. An example from the book is Omar Wascow: a African-American-Jewish entrepreneur, and also a television analyst. b. The Inventor is someone who will flourish in the Conceptual age because inventing is R-Directed thinking. An example from the book is a commercial about Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from Hershey Food Corp.c. The Metaphor Maker is someone who understands one word can mean more than it seems to. An example from the book is when Georges de Mestral sees how makes a metaphor from his dog’s fur.| 3. What does Pink mean by “the ability to grasp the relationships between relationships”? Why is it important?| Pink means that you must always look at the big picture of everything you do. This is important because today, in the Conceptual Age, symphony is becoming increasingly important and is an essential skill you need to thrive.| 4. Describe and discuss how Pink learned to effectively draw a self-portrait? What did he learn and what does it demonstrate in regards to the concept of symphony?| Pink effectively learns how to draw a self portrait by looking very closely at himself and drawing all the details; like putting a puzzle together. And this regards to the concept of symphony because he saw the big picture of himself while he was drawing, and in the end, Daniel Pink drew a self portrait of himself that...
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