A White Heron Essay 2

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  • Published : October 20, 2011
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A White Heron
In A White Heron, it reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood. In the example, it mentioned that Little Red Riding Hood took a roundabout way, entertaining herself. However, in A White Heron, the little girl was driving home her cow and they traveled away from the light there was and started deep in the woods. “Sometimes in pleasant weather it was a consolation to look upon the cow’s pranks as an intelligent attempt to play hide and seek, and as the child had no playmates she lent he3rself to this amusement with a good deal of zest.” Playing hide and seek is part of a childhood game and she never had anyone to play with; therefore, playing with this animal was her way of entertaining herself. “Suddenly this little woods-girl is horror-stricken to hear a clear whistle not very far away. Not a bird’s whistle, which would have sort of friendliness, but a boy’s whistle, determined and somewhat aggressive.” If Sylvia was not in the woods playing around for her own pleasure she would have never been in the situation where she had to confront the creepy stranger. Even though she felt alive, she knew she never been out in the woods that late but she decided to play around and not care about how dark it was getting. This stranger claims he has been hunting for birds and he somehow lost his way and needs a place to stay until morning. The grandmother agrees but she continues to tell this stranger about her family. “Dan, my boy, was a great hand to go gunning. Sylvia takes after him, there ain’t a foot o’ ground she don’t know her way over, and the wild creature counts her one of themselves. Squer’ls she’ll tame to come an’ feed right out o’ her hands, and all sorts o’ birds.” I guess nature is supposed to be this safe haven for Sylvia because she feels more alive than she did when she stayed in the manufactured town. The nature somehow accepted her as if she was one of them and being around these animals just came natural. Just like in Snow White,...
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