A Week Without Computers & Internet

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The word like technologies, computer, gadgets, mobiles phones, tablets, smart phones, LCDs, LEDs sound so familiar & are used I our day to day lives .However these words would definitely be confusing or unheard to people I earlier times.

Today’s generation has become such that their lives revolve around these modern technologies, latest gadgets, media, internet etc. It is like impossible for them to even stay without these for even one day. Unlike the olden times when children would be making use of their creativity & innovations to make a new game to play.

It would be worth thinking what would be if computer internets would be taken away from their lives for a whole one week i.e. seven days!!! Quite scary na…

Well to speak frankly I would be totally devastated. The new generation uses the internet & computers for a variety of reasons, so to live without them would definitely be difficult. I use the internet for being in touch of my friends & family who are staying in a different corner of the world, or for doing some research on assignments , also to keep me updated about the latest mobiles , gadgets, discoveries & a lot more.

Today internet has made it possible for the dear ones staying away to be in regular touch. Not only by text chats but also by voice & video chats. Internet has made the distance of 2 countries shorter by just helping us connect with each other. Internet has also made it possible to find friends who were long lost due to distances of their country. Even after being far away from home & family one can easily communicate with them & see & hear them live.

Internet is of great use to the students these days. It usually helps help them complete their assignments & projects by simple copy paste. Students don t need to break their heads for some information. They simply give a search on the Google & there they are with the required results.

Internet also provides live TV. People often use...
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