A Walk to Remember: Summary and Review

Topics: Love, Emotion, Positive psychology Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: October 8, 2011
Name: Athina Marcine Olan Year level: 3rd year high school Teacher: T. Virginia Date: June 22, 2011

A Walk to Remember
Landon Carter is a popular, aimless, and rebellious teen who gets forced to community service, tutor disadvantaged students from their sister school, and join the spring musical after an accident with his friends. In the practices for the spring musical, Landon gets aquainted with religious, conservative, and outcasted Jamie Sullivan, whom he asks help from due to his struggles to memorize the lines. Their special friendship blossoms as they spend more time together but takes a short stop when Landon’s peers pressured him because of their different social statuses. Jamie started avoiding Landon and he later on earns her forgiveness and continues with their school play. After that night, Landon realizes his love and admiration for Jamie but she continues to reject him.

One day, Landon’s friends played a wicked and nasty joke on Sullivan and he rushes to defend her, abandoning his friends for Jamie. She finally saw the light in Landon and they helplessly fall in love, with Landon at the same time helping Jamie accomplish the things in her list. Everything was going amazingly well, when she reveals a secret: Jamie has leukemia. They went through a rough time until Landon accepted the fact and continued helping Jamie with her list. After Jamie is released from the hospital by his estranged father, Landon makes up with his dad and proposes to Jamie before time runs out.

They finished Jamie’s number one on her list by marrying in the church where she grew up and live a short but happy life together until Jamie unfortunately dies. Landon’s life has changed since he met Jamie, she made him become a better person. So he went off to medical school and graduated. He came back to visit Reverend Hegbert Sullivan,...
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