A Walk to Remember Essay

Pages: 3 (1268 words) Published: December 12, 2011
A Walk to Remember

There are times that, reading a book and watching the movie can almost be identical or it can somehow be the same story with a lot of differences. When I read A Walk to Remember I thought, here was a real story about a young man who never realized the amazing person that was sitting in front of him for so many years and that the true heartbreak wasn’t him losing Jamie but how long it took him to notice her. When I saw the movie there was a spark on the screen that I couldn’t shake but there wasn’t enough of the story like the novel. There wasn’t a building of a friendship like what went on in the novel. Yes a movie only has so much time but how it went from Jamie not even speaking to Landon to him wanting to be with her in like four scenes struck a chord with me I couldn’t get over. Although the director tried to give the correct adaptation, it was too much like another romantic movie, not enough credit was given to the beautiful story that Nicholas Sparks had written on his own. When watching the movie, I thought why the character of Landon has to be so different from what he was in the novel. In the movie he is your typical bad boy without a clue of what he wants and doesn’t care about what is coming next. All he cares about is what people thought, his friends, and his popularity. What I liked about Landon in the novel was he was just a typical young man even though he did care a lot about what people thought. However he was much more than that in the novel he had his doubts and his own tough decisions like being stuck in what his father wants for him and what he wants for himself. The first thing that I really enjoyed about the novel is that Landon already is a good man he may change his perspective on faith or about what people may think, but it’s not about him getting into all this trouble and then him changing his ways to be with Jamie. In the novel he himself is already on a good path but with Jamie by his side it may have become...
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