A Walk to Remember Book Review

Topics: Love, A Walk to Remember, English-language films Pages: 5 (1221 words) Published: November 14, 2011
Title of the Movie:
A Walk to Remember
I. Story:
a. Writer(screenplay):
Karen Janszen
b. Is the story a romance, action, horror, comedy, drama or historical? Romance and Drama
Why do you say so?
The story “A Walk to Remember” is a romance, drama because it talks about how two people (Jaimie and Landon) fall in love with each other and how their relationship grows despite of trials, problems and their differences. c. Is the story life-like?

Are the events plausible (worthy of ones belief)? Yes
It is plausible or worthy of one’s belief because the story is very simple and easy to understand. People especially teenagers nowadays will surely can relate to this love story with full of trust, hope, faith and unconditional love. II. Acting:

a. Main Characters with description
1. Major Characters: those in the lead roles
• Mandy Moore plays Jaimie Sullivan
a preacher’s daughter whose self-confidence doesn’t depend on the opinion of others. • Shane West plays Landon Carter
who is skating through high school on looks and popularity. 2. Minor Characters: those in the second lead roles • Peter Cayote plays Reverend Sullivan a preacher, the good father of Jamie • Daryl Hannah plays Cynthia Carter

mother of Landon
• Lauren German plays Belinda
a friend of Landon in high school
• Clayne Crawford plays Dean
a friend of Landon in high school
• Al Thompson plays Eric
Landon’s best friend in high school • David Lee Smith plays Dr. Carter
father of Landon who left them
b. Were the actors well-chose for their roles?
The actors and actress were well-chosen for their roles because I think; they were able to give justification on their roles and actions in the movie. They were all good and convincing that is why the movie is beautiful and very inspiring. III. Direction:

a. Director:
Adam Shankman
b. Cinematographer:
Julio Macat
c. Editor:
Emma Hickox
d. Musical Scorer:
Mervyn Warren
e. Costume/Wardrobe Designer:
Dough Hall
f. How did the set, costumes, music, sound and special effects and editing contribute in producing the desired results in the movie? The set, costumes, music, sound and editing contribute in producing the desired results in the movie because it made the movie more realistic, more convincing and beautiful. IV. Purpose:

What do you think are the writers and directors purposes in the movie? In my opinion, I think the writer’s and director’s purpose is to inspire people on the love story of Jamie and Landon. And let them fall in love, trust and hope the same way as the characters did in the movie. How did they achieve the purpose or in what way did they fail to achieve their purpose? They were able to achieve their purpose because they were able to present the story realistically and beautifully. V. General Effects:

How did the movie affect you?
The movie was great. I was really inspired on the story. It made me realize a lot of things about life and love. What lessons did you learn from it?
I learned to keep on trusting and believing, to stay on hoping and continue loving...
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