A Visual of Supercross Championships

Topics: Color, Champion, Championship Pages: 3 (805 words) Published: December 24, 2012
A Visual of Supercross Championships
Russell Price
CGD 218
Mr. Fitzgerald
May 16, 2011

As I have participated in this class we have found that from our reading that visual graphics such as pictures, graphs, and symbols are all excellent ways to communicate information (Berger, 2008). Especially to someone who does not have a background in the information being presented. I have a very strong background in the off-road motorcycle world, to include not only Supercross, but Motocross; Grand Prix’s and Desert off-road racing as well. For someone who has never seen or participated in one of these events, they surely would not understand the history or even the hard work put in by both the riders and the factory teams that they ride for. My thesis is using one of the three methods listed next I will present the history of the AMA Supercross Champions as dictated by the manufacture of the bike they rode.

I believe that the easiest way for me to present this information to you is in one of three ways. First I will present the information using shapes and colors, which are very easy as each manufacture is usually, associated by a basic color such as red, blue, yellow, orange, and green. The second way I will present this information is by associating the number of championships with the “brand symbol” also known as the marketing graphic. Finally, I will use a pie chart and the color associated with the manufacture to present this information and I believe this one will be the easiest to understand. All information was gathered from the website www.motorsportsetc.com ("AMA Supercross Champions," 2011)

The first Supercross championship occurred in 1974, and was just the start of something that would continue to grow. Today, people come from all around the world to witness the final race held at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, NV. Today, just as it did years ago the series is still represented by the best the world has to offer on the race course. Some...
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