A Visual Learner's Profile

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A Visual Learner's Profile
April 15, 2012

A Visual Learner's Profile
There are many ways that people learn. For example, someone who learns best by writing their notes over and over may learn best by reading and writing. Those who prefer a kinesthetic learning environment learn better in a ”hands on” environment, whereas aural learners like to hear things out loud to have a better understanding of what they are studying (VARK, 2011). Those that fall under the visual learner’s profile learn best when they are able to see facial expressions and view a person’s body language. This learner will prefer sitting in the front of the classroom to avoid any disturbances from those around them. A visual learner will take very detailed notes to ensure they see the entire picture. Things like page layouts, colors, and designs help the student understand the point the teacher is trying to get across. Pictures, transparencies, charts and hand-outs will also help solidify the principle of what is being taught (Learning Disabilities Pride, n.d.).

Although one can study best predominantly through one learning profile, many people use strategies from each area of the learning styles. Some preferred study or learning methods that can be helpful would include paying attention to the lecturer’s gestures and body language throughout the learning session. Books that offer pictures and diagrams help to make abstract words a more concrete image. Underlining key words and utilizing highlighters helps make the key points jump off the page. Using different colors while note-taking allows the student to group like concepts together making it easy to locate the topic while studying. Using symbols and initials assists the student to remember terms that may not easily be remembered. A visual learner would really appreciate all of these approaches. Other strategies that are preferred but do not fall under a visual learner’s profile...
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