A Visit to the Haunted House

Topics: Brown hair, Eye color, Brown Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: March 4, 2011
Once upon a time there were a group of best friends. Their names were Angela, Alanna, Megan, and Claire. Angela has light brown hair, brown eyes, and is very funny. Alanna has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and is pretty crazy. Megan has dark/light brown hair, hazel eyes, and is very unique. Lastly Claire has light brown hair, hazel eyes, and is really hyper. One day after class Alanna and Megan decide to have a sleepover for Halloween. When they told Claire and Angela their idea, both agreed. So it was set on Halloween they would all have a sleepover at Alanna’s house so they thought.

When Halloween finally came the girls were so excited. When they arrived at Alanna’s house, they decided to go to the store and buy some “junk” food (such as chips, candy, etc.). When they got to the store, Kroger. They saw an article for an old disserted house, which some people said was “haunted.” At the bottom of the page it said ‘ feel free to stay a night if you dare.” Then it said “Beware once you enter you may not come out.”

After they read that they decided to attempt to stay the whole night in the so called “haunted house.” When the girls got their they saw two objects standing in the window. The objects looked like faded people, kind of like a ghost. When the girls entered it was dark, cold, and scary, very scary. There were real live bats and spider webs everywhere. Suddenly they heard a noise “BOOM!” then a voice followed saying “ I’m coming for you and I’ll make sure you don’t survive.”

Then the girls ran to the door to leave but it wouldn’t open, no matter how hard they tried. Next the two objects that were in the window came down the stairs and killed each and every one of them. A few weeks later the cops came to the house, because they got several calls from parents on regarding were their children are. When they opened the door there, was no sign of the girls. And no one dared to ever set foot into the house again!
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