A Visit to Scotland

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Visit to Scotland
Right, so you have two and a half days to visit Scotland. Not very long, is it? And I suggest the first day stay in Edinburg. And in the morning go on coach tour of the city. Just for a half day, just for a morning. And on a coach tour you will see the castle, Edinburg castle, which is very beautiful indeed, very impressive. And then from there you’ll go past the cathedral, sate John’s cathedral. And then go down to the palace, Holly road palace. So that be the Castle the cathedral of the palace, just from the coach. And then the coach goes through the…what we called the New Town, on the north side of Edinburg, that…it’s not new, it was built in 18 century, but in any way it’s called the New Town. Then from the coach goes to the zoo and if we‘ve just passed the zoo and it goes on outside the city in fact two…two bridges that road over the river Fourth. That’s about ten miles from Edinburg. Two bridges… one is a road bridge and the other is a river bridge for trains. And then the coach will come back from the bridges back into the city and it will leave you back in the city center. So, that’s the morning. And I suggest, in the afternoon that you’ll go back to the castle you will spend the afternoon walking around the castle, there is a lot to visit in it. And the view also is wonderful. You have a wonderful view. And in fact the view and the view you will see the New Town that you saw in the morning. And you can just see one of the bridges also that you will have seen in the morning from (on) the coach tour. So that’s the first day. The second day I suggest you’ll take a coach tour outside the city, a whole day coach tour and thus it’s a lovely one that goes and leaves about nine in the morning, I think, half past eight or nine, and we will check on at. And it goes right across Scotland to the west coast to a town called Oban, that’s O-B-A-N, Oban. And the journey is beautiful, it goes through a lovely countryside, so if the weather is nice...
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