A Vision of Teaching Profession in 2025

Topics: Teacher, Lifelong learning, Education Pages: 5 (1662 words) Published: November 24, 2012

Priyanka Joshi Junior Research Fellow (J.R.F) Dept. of Education Panjab University, Chandigarh

KEYWORDS: Professionals, Modalities, continuous, latest trends, technology, mentors, rethink, updating, knowledge, knowledge explosion. We Lead, Care, Inspire
For the future of the Nation passes through our hands as Teachers Technological changes in the era of modernization have significantly affected the role of teachers’ as professionals. As the future of education, rest on the competencies, professional growth and abilities of teachers as professionals so, it cannot be ignored. According to Caroll and Resta (2010) teachers of today and tomorrow must be ready to facilitate learning in multiple modalities embracing; greater diversity of space, time, resources, media and methods for learning as well as the new 21st century environments which are synchronous and asynchronous, face to face and virtual. Further, Garoia(2012) referred that the present century has visioned so much of expectations from education which are so high that the teachers of today and tomorrow have to continuously rethink about their professional development. She further highlighted that this professional development is ought to be continuous in process because of; knowledge explosion and latest trends associated to methodology, technology, social and teacher networking. All these demands and requirements have posed a demand on teachers to assess, update, renew and modify themselves as mentors than teachers. The present paper will highlight;

a) The teacher of today
b) Changing role of the teacher in the present scenario
c) Lifelong learning as renewal and updating of knowledge d) In-service growth and teachers …………..
Followed by conclusion and suggestions.

* The Teacher of Today
The teacher of today symbolizes himself to be professional in true sense because of the emerging concepts of criteria of appointments in schools colleges and universities. No more, the present century holds teaching as a profession by ‘chance’ but teaching as a ‘choice’. This scenario has placed an emphasis on the teachers to develop their potential, capacities in a way that no more they are called as a ‘simple’ but ‘effective’ in performance by performing a quite range of functions such as ; classroom management, teaching and learning strategies and how to implement them successfully with professional ethics, student learning and so on. These views were strengthened by Travers & Reborc (2008) who professed that teacher professionalism extends beyond one’s ability to understand content. Here, the educator must discover if the students are being reached in an effective way. This calls for a profession which involves a lifelong career commitment and service to society. Teaching as a profession, no doubt is characterized by intellectual pursuits within a code of ethics and is highlighted by the making of independent professional judgements. But going by the present scenario, our country witness mass bunking from the classes, cheating, private tuitions and so on. To avoid this, this means that the teacher of today needs much more than just a mere subject expert. Further, through extensive training and professional development, they will incorporate in themselves lot of life skills which will not only enhance their performance but quality wise they will help them to grow to greater heights.

* Changing Role of the Teacher in the Present Scenario
The present...
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