A Village Cricket Match: A.G. Macdonell

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Answer: A. G. Macdonell's "England, Their England" is an excellent work of satire. The novel follows the remarkable experience of Donald Cameron who was forced to go away from Scotland by the terms of his father's will and pursue a career (appropriate to literature) in London. His first undertaking was to discover what the English were all about, and he ventured on his act of enthusiastic searching. "A Village Cricket Match" is an excerpt from "England, Their England".

The story is a study in humor and satire of the village cricket game. All kinds of strange and unconventional behavior and activities are exhibited in the match which enduringly appeals to the readers. Donald gives a high hearted commentary of the match containing some hilarious incidents: Elements of humor:

Ambience in and around the field
Blue and green dragonflies playing hind and seek among the thistledown; a pair of swan was seen flying overhead; an old-fashioned person was seen working, leaning upon a scythe; a magpie was seen, lapping lazily across the field; doves were cooing; the sun was shining unsteadily and visibility was impeded with atmospheric moisture and dust( quite unfavorable for the game of cricket); silence (heating up the excitement) was prevailing all around. Village folks

It appeared that some of them had been eagerly waiting to watch a match of this standard. Village folks are usually impatient, but here, they were showing some kind of patience Village people suffer from the unusual behavior of God who seems to have done great injustice by putting up a large financial and social difference between the rich and the poor. When these village people have endured such eccentricities of God, they will have no difficulty in bearing with the match that is going to be played by the people (Man) of eccentric characters. Actually, saying this, Macdonell brings out a faint hint of humor in advance. Changes brought about before the match started and its effect: Before the...
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