A View from the Bridge Character Analysis

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  • Published : December 9, 2010
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Act 1
a) Supports Catherine’s request to be allowed to take a job, “Listen, she’s gotta go to work sometime”, and then hints at the perverse nature of their relationship to Eddie, “she’s seventeen years old, you gonna keep her in the house all her life”. She comments on other similar issues to support her claim, “First is was gonna be when she graduated high school, so she graduated high school. Then it was gonna be when she learced stenographer, so she learned stenographer. So what’re we gonna wait for now?” b) She quickly turns ecstatic when she hears of her cousins arrival to America. She compliments Eddie’s generosity and the goodness in him by calling him an “angel”. This heightens the pattern of tragedy. When Marco and Rodolpho arrive, she welcomes them with generosity of a good host. c) Has a confrontation with Eddie over their deteriorating marriage and his relationship with Catherine. She questions him, “when am I gonna be a wife again”, which shows a subtext of jealousy of his obsession with Catherine. Beatrice is tired of Eddie’s obsession with Catherine and his refusal to let her grow up, “you gonna stand over her till she’s forty”. Beatrice see’s his obsession as the main cause for their marriage problems. d) Beatrice then has a confrontation with Catherine over her relationship with Eddie after Eddie confronts Catherine about her relationship with Rodolpho. She tries to convince Catherine that she isn’t “a baby any more” by pointing out that she shouldn’t “sit on the edge of the bathtub talkin’ to him when he’s shavin’ in his underwear.”

Act 2
a) There is another confrontation between Beatrice and Eddie where Eddie tries to make Beatrice feel guilty about bringing Rodolpho and Marco into their house. Beatrice condemns Eddie’s actions against Catherine and Rodolpho, “That’s what you cal responsible for her?” Beatrice is tired of Eddie, his obsession and his excuses when she states, “Look, I’m finished with it. That’s all.”...
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